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Your Mission

The mission of SIA Sake Ambassador Program is to help develop and grow the SIA community. You will be able to spread your love of sake moments with people around the world and join an exclusive group of passionate sake lovers. As a SIA Sake Ambassador, you will work directly with SIA Team for sharing your passion with other members online. 

Your Role

  • Engage with our following by leading interactive social media events and sharing how sake fits into your life
  • Collaborate with SIA Team on ideas for activities within the community
  • Share your experience within SIA community through our various social media platforms
  • And Much More!

Ambassador Perks

  • Exclusively invite to the official SIA Facebook group for our community of fans
  • Ambassador spotlights on our website and social medias
  • Early access to the products and sake in development
  • Redeem points for Free Sake and exclusive deals

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