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Chiba prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kanto region of Honshu. It borders Ibaraki Prefecture to the north, Saitama Prefecture to the northwest and Tokyo to the south. The sake manufacturing industry in Chiba Prefecture has a long history, and it is said that one was founded during the Kanei era (1624-1643) and three during the Genroku era (1688-1703). There was nothing to be founded in the meantime, and it increased sharply from the first year of Ansei (1854) at the end of Tokugawa. During the Genroku era, the Shogunate adopted a liquor store transportation system (liquor tax system), and sake brewing as a company also flourished in the land of Boso (Awa, Kazusa, Shimosa). 

Baba Honten Shuzo Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Yoshihiro Baba
Address: 614-1 , Sawara-I, Katori City, Chiba
TEL: +81-478-52-2227
FAX: +81-478-52-3718
Foundation (year) 1681-1683
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Iinuma Honke Brewery

The Iinuma Honke was originally engaged in agriculture and forestry, but during the Genroku era, the brewery began brewing sake when received permission from the Edo Shogunate to make sake for dedication to shrines and temples. After that, it was in the late Edo period that Japanese sake was brewed for business and became a formal liquor store. The brewery is close to Narita Airport, the gateway to Japan. Since around 2005, customers from all over the world have been enjoying the sake brewery tour because we want to spread Japanese culture globally from the land of Minami-Shisui.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kiichirou Iinuma
Address: Mabashi 106, Shisuimachi, Inbagun, Chiba
TEL: +81-43‐496‐1111
FAX: +81-43‐496‐5718
Foundation (year) 1700
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Moriya Sake Brewery

Sake is brewed with 100% rice produced in Chiba prefecture at a local sake brewery located in the center of Kujukuri, Chiba prefecture. It is popular mainly for raw sake, which is in the original state of the brewery, and many people visit the brewery directly. On the other hand, you can also enjoy dry pure rice sake that has been aged for a long time using rice produced in Chiba prefecture. The brewery is actively brewing sake from local rice based on the idea that “local sake is brewed by local rice, local water, and local climate, and fosters local humanity.”

Brewery Info

Representative: Masahiro Moriya
Address: 2929 Hasunumaha, Sammu-City, Chiba
TEL: +81-475-86-2016
FAX: +81-475-86-2173
Foundation (year) 1892
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Tohei Shuzo Brewery

The brewery was founded in 1716. Generation after generation, we have brewed sake in Chiba’s Kururi, carving out a piece of history for ourselves. It was our predecessor, Tohei Tomio, who conceived of the Fukuiwai brand. Now, having inherited the legacy from their deceased predecessor, we produce each and every bottle with great care, and take pride in our products’ flavor, which cannot be matched by mass production. We continue to protect the essence of the craft. The brewery’s Fukuiwai sake is produced in the town of Kururi in the Chiba-Kasuza region. Carefully selected rice and ‘Kurusi no Meisui’ spring water, which has been locally adored since ancient times. It is carefully prepared, as we aim for a liquor that we believe is truly delicious.

Brewery Info

Representative: Keiko Tohei
Address: 147, Kururi-Ichiba, Kimitsu, Chiba
TEL: +81-439-27-2043
FAX: +81-439-27-2007
Foundation (year) 1716
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Kido Izumi Sake Brewery

We have been brewing sake in this region since 1879. Taking the house name “KIDO” and combining it with the character for the fountain “IZUMI,” symbolizing sake, the brand name “KIDOIZUMI” was created. Since then, we have been determinedly continuing this tradition of natural brewing for over 60 years. With the motto of delectably splendid sake, we will continue to offer refreshingly balanced sake with deeply clear flavor that pairs well with any meal. Brewing sake continually brings us challenges year after year. We will continue to pursue further possibilities and developments as well as move forward with the people, water, and rice with which we are associated.

Brewery Info

Representative: Shoji Fumio
Address: Ohara 7635-1, Isumi, Chiba
TEL: +81-470-62-0013
FAX: +81-470-62-3300
Foundation (year) 1879
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Nabedana Brewery

Our ancestors have started brewing sake in Narita by Naritasan Temple more than 320 years ago in Edo period. The brewing license, at first, was given by a local lord, and the Narita brewery was the only production facility site for the first 200 years of our history. As brewing business went on and well, we were able to expand the business by acquiring other production facilities. One of them was this Kouzaki brewery, acquired in 1897. Later we maintained four production sites at one time including the one in Kobe, but unfortunately, in the beginning of World War II, due to the severe rice shortage, we were forced to choose one production site and close the others. Consequently we chose Kouzaki. The reasons were that Kouzaki site was the biggest in terms of square, had a relatively better access to rice at the time, and had abundant water in good quality, all compared to others. Since then, we have been brewing JINYU, our main brand, for the last few decades at the Kouzaki brewery. We have made brewing the finest sake a family tradition for more than 3 centuries. Our brewing motto, “never compromise” has been passed on to more than 19 generations.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kan Otsuka
Address: Honcho 338, Narita, Chiba
TEL: +81-476-22-1455
FAX: +81-476-22-3374
Foundation (year) 1689
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Nagareyama Kikkoman Company

Kikkoman’s Promise is the quintessence of our ideals. To be a source of customer value, it needs to be translated into action. We believe it is important for everyone at the Kikkoman Group to recognize our role as a key person, and commit to fulfilling Kikkoman’s Promise as our own promise. The contents of Kikkoman’s Promise are encapsulated in our corporate slogan “seasoning your life”. It suggests that, as Kikkoman seasons and enriches your food, it also brings fulfillment to life as a whole.

Brewery Info

Representative: Satoru Abe
Address: Nagareyama 3-90, Nagareyama City, Chiba
TEL: +81-471-58-9111
FAX: +81-471-59-9521
Foundation (year) 2006
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Takizawa Honten Brewery

Since the Edo period, Naritasan has been a popular sacred place in the Kanto region, and when the railway was laid and the Keisei Electric Railway opened, it became even more lively, and many restaurants and inns became extremely crowded. We opened a liquor store at the current location where we were standing and started brewing sake using high-quality rice from the local area as a raw material. Shortly after that, the reputation that the well water of our sake brewery was very delicious and good water became widespread, and more and more people stopped by at the time of their visit to draw the water from the well, we then named the sake brewed by our company with the meaning of “longevity spiritual power sake”.

Brewery Info

Representative: Shoji Takizawa
Address: 513 Kamicho, Narita-shi, Chiba
TEL: +81-476-24-2292
FAX: +81-476-24-0758
Foundation (year) 1872
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Tokun Sake Brewery

The brewery was established in Shimousa Sawara in 1825 when Edo culture was prospering. Ino Tadataka is a legendary figure known for completing the first map of Japan. The Ino family was the well-known owner of a sake brewing business in Sawara. The founder of Tokun Sake Brewery is said to have apprenticed under the Ino family, and from them learned about the sake trade and worked to expand the business. Under the ideal conditions for sake brewing in Sawara, including convenient ship transport along the Tone River and early yield of quality rice, the brewery has proudly carried on the history and tradition of sake brewing for 190 years.

Brewery Info

Representative: Shinichiro Tokunaga
Address: 627 Sawarai, Katori, Chiba
TEL: +81-478-55-1122
FAX: +81-478-55-1294
Foundation (year) 1825
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