Miyazaki Sake Breweries

Miyazaki Prefecture is located on the island of Kyushu. It borders Oita Prefecture to the north, Kumamoto Prefecture to the northwest and Kagoshima Prefecture to the southwest. It is in the southern part of japan facing the Pacific Ocean and situated in Kyushu island which is popular for its beaches and oceanside drive. There are more than 30 Shochu breweries in Miyazaki prefecture, and it boasts the largest volume of shochu shipped in all of Japan. Miyazaki has a history of making Shochu with ingredients cultivated in each area. This makes Miyazaki a “heaven for Shochu” because people can enjoy the difference in taste created by these ingredients, such as sweet potato, rice, wheat, buckwheat, chestnut, millet and Japanese yam. There are also breweries of Japanese sake and local beer, as well as wineries.

Akashi Sake Brewery

Akashi Sake Brewery was founded in 1884 in Ebino, one of the leading rice fields in Southern Kyushu. Originally, the brewery started making sake while farming, all employees plant rice and grow rice to reduce pesticides. The groundwater that springs from the Kirishima mountain range, which is suitable for preparing shochu, uses golden Sennuki for sweet potatoes, which are the main ingredient of shochu. It has gained a lot of support for its aftertaste.

Brewery Info

Representative: Hideto Akashi
Address: 61-1 Kurishita, Ebino, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-984-35-1603
FAX: +81-984-35-0340
Foundation (year) 1884
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Kagura Shuzo Sake Brewery

Kagura Shuzo was founded in 1954 in Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, the mythical hometown, and has a company motto of “delivering excellent shochu to our customers”. Since 2009, they have set up a new factory in Saito City, where potato making is popular, and they met the clear Saito Shimizu in the Saito City Shimizu district, which is ideal for brewing. The climate, the brilliant sun, and the shochu grown in this rich environment have been praised and loved by sake lovers all over Japan.

Brewery Info

Representative: Koichi Sato
Address: 144-1 Iwato Oaza, Takachiho, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-982-76-1111
FAX: +81-982-76-1118
Foundation (year) 1954
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Sakuranosato Sake Brewery (an affiliated company of Inoue Sake Brewery)

Sakuranosato Sake Brewery was established in 1994 in Kitago-cho, Nichinan City as an affiliated company of Inoue Sake Brewery. We have generously put in the manufacturing technology and know-how that Inoue Sake Brewery has cultivated over many years, and have begun full-scale shochu production with the latest equipment. In 1997 (Heisei 9), we started long-term storage of shochu with Omika, and now we are storing and aging about 5,500 Omika, the largest in Japan. In 2001, we established the hand-prepared shochu brewery “Shochu Dojo” in order to pass down the techniques and culture of shochu making, which is a traditional industry of Miyazaki, to future generations.

Brewery Info

Representative: Tokuo Terada
Address: Koh 888 Gohnohara Kitago-town, Nichinan-City, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-987-55-4134
FAX: +81-987-55-4283
Foundation (year) 1894
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Takara Shuzo Sake Brewery

Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. is a core business company of the Takara Group, which develops alcoholic beverage business and biotechnology business, and is developing alcoholic beverages business and sake spirit business in Japan. The history of Takara Shuzo sake brewing began in 1842 in the late Edo period. Since then, for over 170 years, they have provided high-quality sake products.

Brewery Info

Representative: Toshio Kakimoto
Address: 5323 Kaguchiura, Takanabe, Miyazaki
Foundation (year) 1842
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Himeizumi Syuzo Sake Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Tateo Himeno
Address: 3380-1 Hinokagecho, Nisiusukigun, Miyazaki
TEL:  +81-982-87-2016
FAX: +81-982-87-2019
Foundation (year) 1831
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Ochiai Sake Brewery

Ochiai Distillery is a family-run shochu distillery with more than 100 years of history. Shochu is most commonly distilled from sweet potatoes, barley or rice. At Ochiai Distillery, we specialize in ‘Imo’ sweet potato shochu. Our sweet potatoes are sourced from one designated farm that only uses plant-based fertilizers. The sweet potatoes are grown via this method, or called green manure crop farming, have low moisture content. Shochu made from these firm, dense sweet potatoes are smooth to the palate and have a deep taste. Honkaku Shochu or single distillation shochu is Japan’s traditional distilled alcoholic beverage. At Ochiai Distillery, we hold the following two phrases close to our hearts: Ichigo Ichie and Zanshin. “Ichigo Ichie” literally means “one chance, one encounter”, “Zanshin” literally means “remaining at heart.”

Brewery Info

Representative: Ryouhei Ochiai
Address: 1626, Aza Maeda Ooaza Kagamizu, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-985-55-3206
FAX: +81-985-55-3207
Foundation (year) 1909

Ooura Shuzo Sake Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Yoshikazu Harada
Address: 2-8 Hiraetyo, Miyakonojyoshi, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-986-37-3883
Foundation (year) 1909
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Unkai Shuzo Ayagura Sake Brewery

Unkai Sake Brewery is a space for sake brewing and healing in Aya Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, surrounded by Japan’s leading terrestrial forest. Sake brewing that makes the best use of the blessings of nature, traditional crafts where craftsmanship is alive, pure Japanese-style inns with a quiet appearance, hot springs, restaurants, souvenir shops.

Brewery Info

Representative: Katutoshi Iihoshi
Address: 1800-5, Ooaza Mameshinnkai, Aya-cho Higashimorokatagun, Miyazaki
TEL: +81-985-77-2782
FAX: +81-985-77-1442
Foundation (year) 1984
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