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Mie Prefecture is located in the Kansai region of Honshu. It borders Gifu Prefecture to the north, Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture to the northwest, Nara Prefecture to the west, Wakayama Prefecture to the southwest and Aichi Prefecture to the east. Mie Prefecture is a long and narrow cross-shaped terrain with the Shima Peninsula in the east and the Iga Basin in the west. The eastern side of the Ise Plain faces Ise Bay and Kumano Nada, and the western side is covered by the Kii Mountains such as the Suzuka Mountains, Nunobiki Mountains, and Odaigayama Mountains. For this reason, the climate varies greatly from region to region, and sake brewing has an inland climate in the cold Iga region in winter, the Hokusei region where the cold “Suzuka grated” blows in winter, and the Chusei and Nansei regions where “Nunobiki grated” carries cold air. The temperature of all breweries is around 0 degrees celsius in winter, which is perfect for making high-quality sake such as Ginjo sake. In Mie prefecture, all plants grow well, and the fields are constantly full of greenery all year round, and it is especially suitable for rice cultivation for a long time. Iga rice and Isshi rice are known for their good taste. These high quality sake rice will be reborn as Mie sake with a beautiful and mellow taste.

Morimoto Senemon Shoten Brewery

Founded in the first year of Koka (1844) by Omi merchant in Hino, Shiga Prefecture, the first Senemon Morimoto started brewing sake at a wooden shop (timber field) on the Iwata River in the castle town (Iyo Town) of the Todo domain Tsu Castle. The sake name “Okina” was named after the Noh play “Okina”, which was favored by the feudal lords of the Todo domain. After the war, he bought a sake brewery (a wooden brewery built-in 1897) in the castle town of Iga Ueno Castle of the same Todo clan and started brewing sake in Iga Ueno. In 1970, the Iga brewery was expanded and modern equipment was introduced, and the production bases were consolidated in Iga. Tsu has become a wholesale and retail sales base for “Kuromatsu Oo”. In prayer for the longevity and prosperity of those who drink “Kuromatsu Okina”, we make sake that nourishes the minds of those who drink and rejoices in the soul.

Brewery Info

Representative: Morimoto Senuemon
Address: 3342 Uenofukuicho, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
TEL: +81-595-23-5500
FAX: +81-595-23-5501
Foundation (year) 1844
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Adachi Honke Sake Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Adachi Fujio
Address: 2107-1 Nao, Miegun Asahicho, Mie
TEL: +81-59-377-2411
FAX: +81-59-377-2410
Foundation (year) 1910
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Asahi Shuzo Brewery

The brewery was founded in 1875, opened by the first Rihei Nishiyama. Since then, it has been a brewery that has maintained tradition and goodwill for more than 130 years and continues to make local sake. This is the sixth generation of the current head of the family. Sake is made by making full use of traditional techniques by long-term low-temperature fermentation using “Kami no Ho”, with the rice from Mie Prefecture, Koji Yamada Nishiki, and underground water from the Kushida River. Toji’s soulful handmade Daiginjo “Ise Asahi” is a liquor that convinces liquor lovers’ tongues with a perfect balance of mellow and fruity scent.

Brewery Info

Representative: Toshiyuki Nishiyama
Address: 1767, Takigunn Meiwacho Yamaooyodo, Mie
TEL: +81-596-55-2628
FAX: +81-596-55-4100
Foundation (year) 1875
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Ishikawa Syuzou Brewery

Ishikawa Sake Brewery was founded in the first year of Tenpo (1830). The site is lined with buildings that retain the remnants of the past, and in 2012, 15 buildings, including the main building of Ishikawa Sake Brewery, were registered as nationally registered tangible cultural properties. Okura is a two-story wooden structure. There are three main ingredients for making sake: water, rice, and jiuqu. We mainly use sake rice made in Mie prefecture and prepare it with ultra-soft natural water, which is underground water of the Suzuka Mountains. Soft water suitable for sake brewing promotes gentle fermentation during brewing. Compared to Nada no Miyamizu, which is known throughout Japan as famous water for sake brewing, Ishikawa Sake Brewery’s water is soft water with low hardness, but it seems to be the best water for brewing Ginjo.

Brewery Info

Representative: Takashi Ishikawa
Address: Sakura 129, Yokkaichi, Mie
TEL: +81-59-326-2105
FAX: +81-59-326-6151
Foundation (year) 1830
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Ito Sake Brewery

The brewery was founded in 1847, about 170 years ago. Since the first Koemon Ito, who was running a large scale farmer in Sakuracho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture (formerly Sakuracho), started brewing sake using locally grown rice, good quality water under the cold winter. The secret technique is handed down by the house. At the foot of Mt. Gozaisho in Yokkaichi City, the underground water “Chishakuyosui” was used, which was selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan under the severe cold climate of winter when the seasonal wind “Grated Suzuka” blows down. The brewery produces and sells small quantities of high-quality sake using traditional sake brewing techniques that are particular about raw rice, water, and yeast produced in Mie Prefecture.

Brewery Info

Representative: Jun Ito
Address: 110 Sakura-cho, Yokkaichi, Mie
TEL: +81-59-326-2020
FAX: +81-59-326-9800
Foundation (year) 1847
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Kawatake Brewery

“Kawatake” is a combination of the river of Kawai and the Takehachi of the brewer’s name “Takehachi”. Other than sake, we make miso and soy sauce, together, it became “Kawatake” Brewery Co., Ltd “. Hosugi Kuramoto is located in a mountain village along the Kishu Highway between the Kushida and Miyagawa rivers in the southern part of Ise. Long time ago, there was a spring named “Futai” that was said to have been dug by Kobo Daishi, and we pump up delicious underground water to make sake carefully. Delicious sake comes from good rice, good water and a brewery attitude. Yamada Nishiki and other rice suitable for sake brewing are highly refined, and the brewery and the brewer are united, aiming to create a peaceful and enjoyable place for everyone with a focus on the goodness of handmade sake.

Brewery Info

Representative: Hidehiko Kawai
Address: Takityou Gokatura 234, Takigun, Mie
TEL: +81-598-37-2037
FAX: +81-598-39-3077
Foundation (year) 1858
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Nakayama Sake Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Masaki Nakayama
Address: 2532 Koazakacho, Matsuzakashi, Mie
TEL: +81-598-58-2308
FAX: +81-598-58-0722
Foundation (year) 1820
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