Ishikawa Sake Breweries

Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Honshu island. It borders Toyama Prefecture to the east, Gifu Prefecture to the southeast and Fukui Prefecture to the south. The Prefecture is blessed with scenic nature such as Satoyama and Satoumi (mountainous/coastal areas where the natural environment is maintained by moderate human intervention while local productivity is enhanced). Hakusanroku, the mountainous area in Mt.Hakusan located in the southern part of the prefecture, is home to golden eagles that is said to be proof of the richness in nature. Sake brewed by “breweries in Ishikawa” using “carefully selected rice harvested in Ishikawa” and “water runs through Ishikawa”.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

The history of Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery starts in the Edo period in 1625. With the highest level of craftsmanship and traditional family secret recipe, the brewery has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest sake breweries in the area. Today, without leaving the tradition behind, we are evolving into a sake brewery of the future. Our Junmai sakes are rich in rice flavors and leave a pleasant after-taste, and also make a great company with dishes. Our mission is to provide great sakes to give our customers an unforgettable sake experience, and we spare no effort to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Brewery Info

Representative: Matsutaro Fukumitsu
Address: Ishibiki 2-8-3, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-76-223-1161
FAX: +81-76-222-3769
Foundation (year) 1625
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Kanaya Syuzouten Brewery

The brewing industry was started in the 2nd year of the Meiji Era, at that time, the rapeseed oil squeezing oil industry was the main focus. In the old days, large oil jars were buried in the ground for safety reasons, so even now, if you dig our mansion, the oil jars used at that time are buried. Starting from that time, “Takasago” (quoted from a song related to Matsutonomatsu) was a trademark used for special-grade sake, and “Hoyoro” trademark was used for other products. The company inherited both “Kenroku Sake Brewery” in 1985 and the trademarks of “Kenroku Masamune” and “Kenroku”.

Brewery Info

Representative: Yoshihisa Kanaya
Address: Yasutamachi 3-2, Hakusan, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-76-276-1177
FAX: +81-76-276-4234
Foundation (year) 1869
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Kuze Sake Brewery

Thinking that “to make good sake, we start with good rice,” we consistently produce rice from rice production to sake brewing. Since its founding in Tenmei 6 (1786), we have made our own sake rice (Chosei rice) in our own rice fields, and we use two types of water, (hard water) and (soft water). We make sake with all our hearts, hoping for the longevity of drinkers using traditional techniques that have been passed down since the Edo period.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kazuyoshi Kuze
Address: 122 Shimizu, Kahoku-gun, Tsubata-machi, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-76-289-2028
FAX: +81-76-289-4606
Foundation (year) 1786
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Hashimoto Sake Brewery

We are devoting ourselves every day with the pride that we have continued to brew sake, which is a traditional Japanese culture since our founding, the 10th year of the Horeki (1760 AD) and 260 years since then. To unravel the history, our ancestors are the Samurai of the Heike and our sake is exactly the sake created by the samurai. Our brewery master is strict about water, rice and does not allow compromise, it compiles the history of the Hashimoto family, that sake is the “Junmai Daiginjo Tendai”.

Brewery Info

Representative: Yoshiyuki Hashimoto
Address: 184 Iburihashi, Kaga, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-761-74-0602
FAX: +81-761-74-0603
Foundation (year) 1760
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Kano Shuzo Brewery

The brewery was founded in Kaga in 1819 that overlooks Mt. Hakusan. It has inherited the basic principle of “sticking to people, rice, and water” from generation to generation. In order to know the most suitable rice to make sake, we must continue to grow rice by ourselves in our own rice fields. Since ancient times, it has been welling up in this area, and we must continue to protect the “Shiramizu Well,” which is indispensable for sake brewing at Kano Sake Brewery.

Brewery Info

Representative: Hiromichi Kano
Address: 6 Yokaichimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-761-74-1551
FAX: +81-761-74-6120
Foundation (year) 1819
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Shata Shuzo Brewery

Since the end of the Edo period (1823), we have been brewing sake on the Kaga plains at the foot of sacred Mount Haku. Tengumai is beloved by local sake drinkers in Ishikawa. We treasure the blessings of the spring water from sacred Mount Haku and pass on these blessings to the next generation. We continue to brew sake that everyone can enjoy and pair with food and aims to provide the world with sake that truly expresses the essence of Japanese culture to which we convey our pride in making it.

Brewery Info

Representative: Toshiro Shata
Address: 60, Bomarumachi, Hakusanshi, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-76-275-1165
FAX: +81-76-275-1866
Foundation (year) 1823
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Sogen Sake Brewery

The Sogen family started the brewing industry in 1768, the fourth lord, Chugoro, called Miyama learned the secrets of sake brewing and sold it under the name “Kenzan”. People rarely call the sake name“ Kenzan ” and it has been widely touted that it has become accustomed to calling it the ancestral“ Sogenshu ”. The label that is still in use shows the Yamagata design of the sword and is widely familiar to drinkers. Also, in the era of making sake “Kenzan”, it is a fact that all the sake lovers in Noto and Echinaka were in a state of holding up the sign of “Kenzan” and making it a trademark of sake sales.

Brewery Info

Representative: Satoru Tokuriki
Address: 24-22 Sogen Horyu-machi, Suzu, Ishikawa
TEL: +81-768-84-1314
FAX: +81-768-84-1315
Foundation (year) 1768
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