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Saga Prefecture is located on the island of Kyushu. It borders Fukuoka Prefecture to the northeast and Nagasaki Prefecture to the southwest. Sake and shochu made from rice and wheat from the prefecture. Re-focusing on the ingredients is a movement to search for the original local sake rooted in the region, and it should lead to a re-examination of the local food culture. In order to deliver excellent quality products using 100% Saga raw materials to consumers, a unified mark (“Saga Prefecture Origin Name Management System”) stating that it is certified by the Saga Prefecture Origin Name Management Committee is displayed on the certified products. Targeted on sake (junmaishu) and shochu (genuine shochu), the committee rigorously examined and certified in terms of quality such as taste and aroma. With the start of the “Origin Name Management System” this time, it will be a great opportunity to show the presence of Saga Prefecture as a place for sake and let consumers know that they comply with the certification standards, the production areas, water sampling areas, production areas, etc.

Amabuki Shuzo Sake Brewery

Mt. Amabuki is located in the northeast of our brewery. For its magnificent appearance, we were named after the mountain. Amabuki Shuzo has been producing sake for 300 years, and its brewers, who have inherited skills accumulated during its long history, are earnestly making an effort to produce good sake using sake-brewing rice harvested in the fertile Saga Plain, mild river-bed water from the Sefuri-Tensan areas, and new flower yeast.

Brewery Info

Representative: Takafumi Kinoshita
Address: Higasio 2894, Miyaki gun, Miyaki-town, Saga
TEL: +81-942-89-2001
FAX: +81-942-89-3450
Foundation (year) 1688~1704
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Madonoume Sake Brewery

Madonoume Sake Brewery was founded in the first year of Genroku (1688) and has a long history of more than 300 years. As the oldest sake brewery in Saga prefecture and as a representative brand of Kyushu, we believe that it is the result of the trust of everyone who has accumulated in history. We are working as one to always seek a way to make sake by taking advantage of our corporate culture, which has a strong sense of family solidarity.

Brewery Info

Representative: Joji Koga
Address: 1833 – 1640 Oaza Sinden, Kubota-cho, Saga-si, Saga
TEL: +81-952-68-2001
FAX: +81-952-68-4084
Foundation (year) 1688
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Sosei Sake Brewery

Since its founding in 1985, Sosei Sake Brewery has been delivering the heart and taste of its hometown to everyone, centered on the manufacture and sale of authentic shochu “Nonko” and sake “Sosei”. They built the Sosei Sake Brewery “Arita Kura” in Arita Porcelain Park, the land of the ceramic village “Arita”, and at the same time expanded the facilities as a tourist sake brewery so that everyone can experience the sake brewing.

Brewery Info

Representative: Masanori Nakatani
Address: 340-28 Toya-otsu, Nishimatsuura-gun Arita-cho, Saga
TEL: +81-955-41-0020
FAX: +81-955-41-0021
Foundation (year) 1985
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Tenzan Shuzo Sake Brewery

The Gion River, which flows in front of the sake brewery, is a clear stream that collects water from the Tianshan Mountains. Similarly, “Kiyomizu Waterfall”, where underground water flows down, has been selected as one of the 100 best water resources. This water is medium hard water that has no iron and contains a lot of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is the ideal water for sake brewing. About 90% of the rice used by the brewery is locally produced in Saga Prefecture, the brewery mainly uses Yamada Nishiki and Saga no Hana rice which makes the unique taste of the sake.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kensuke Shichida
Address: 1520 Iwakura, Ogi-machi, Ogi-city, Saga
TEL: +81-952-73-3141
FAX: +81-952-72-7695
Foundation (year) 1875
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YAMATO Sake Brewery

Yamato’s sake brewing has begun to tick as ancient Gozo pioneered a new era and became one to brew sake that resonates with people.  While respecting tradition, Yamato has actively adopted modern technology and has been sincerely and earnestly facing sake. In the past, sake brewing, in which brewers were invited from outside the company during the preparation period, is now done by the company’s brewers only.

Brewery Info

Representative: Katsura Fukuoka
Address: 2620 Niji, Yamato-Town, Saga-City, Saga
TEL: +81-952-62-3535
FAX: +81-952-62-3536
Foundation (year) 1975
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Sachihime Shuzo Sake Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Yukihiro Minematsu
Address: Kou599 Furueda, Kashima-shi, Saga
TEL: +81-954-63-3708
FAX: +81-954-63-3709
Foundation (year) 1934
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