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Ehime Prefecture faces two different seas, the Seto Inland Sea and Uwa Sea. The Shikoku mountain range lies from east to west crowned by Ishizuchi Mountain, highest mountain in western Japan. There are around 200 islands, large and small, in the inland seas which are accessible for you to enjoy. These scenic spots harbor a variety of food cultures. Sake from around 40 breweries in Ehime is an essential part of this food culture. Among these, 6 distinctive breweries participate in this tour. You will visit these historical breweries to gain an appreciation of how the heritage of sake brewing has been handed down through the ages.

Ishizuchi Shuzo Brewery

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Representative: Hdeaki Ochi
Address: 402-3 Himihei, Saijo-City, Ehime
TEL: +81-897-57-8000
FAX: +81-897-57-8811
Foundation (year) 1920
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Sakaroku Brewery

We are still brewing Sake in the old, traditional way, because “even if machines could make good Sake in future, … they will never be able to make exciting Sake”.Due to the elegant aroma of Ehime yeast, the refreshing taste of our Sake goes especially well with seafood from the Seto Inland Sea.We are also manufacturing original rice Shochu (Japanese spirit) and liqueur made from various locally grown fruits.

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Representative: Naoyuki Takechi
Address: 3279-1 Uchiko Uchiko-Cho, Kita-gun, Ehime
TEL: +81-893-44-3054
FAX: +81-893-44-3140
Foundation (year) 1920
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Sakurauzumaki Brewery

The Shinohara family, whose origin is the priest of Kunitsuhikoinochi Shrine, started the brewing business in 1871, shortly after the Meiji Restoration. In 1951, the current company name was changed to “Sakura Uzumaki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.” The sake name “Sakura Uzumaki” means that the forest “Yatakeyama” that I owned was a famous place for cherry blossoms. Also, the newspaper novel that the 3rd generation loved to read was “Uzumaki”, so I started using it. In 1959, he also obtained a shochu manufacturing license. The production of shochu also boasts a history of more than 50 years. At Sakura Uzumaki Sake Brewery, we value the belief that sake is made by the blessings of heaven, earth and people. Heaven is water, earth is rice, and people are brewers. As the word suggests, the water used is groundwater, which is underground water from Mt. Takanawa, and most of the raw rice is from Ehime prefecture, especially from the local Hojo prefecture.

Breweries Info

Representative: Shigemasa Shinohara
Address: kou-71, Hattanji, Matsuyama city, Ehime
TEL: 0081899921011
FAX: 0081899922159
Foundation (year) 1871
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Umenishiki Brewery

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Representative: Koichiro Yamakawa
Address: 14, Shikokuchuo-shi, Kanada-cho Kanagawa, Ehime
TEL: +81-896-58-1211
FAX: +81-896-58-3171
Foundation (year) 1872
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Chiyonokame Brewery

Since the Edo period, it is a small sake brewery that has been brewing sake in the Ikazaki area of Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime Prefecture, Setouchi Shikoku. The quantity is limited, and we still brew the whole amount by squeezing the tank. To leave the countryside. If you purchase one of our 720ml, about 10 bundles of rice will be protected.

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Representative: Takeshi Saeki
Address: 1294-1 Ko Hiraoka, Uchiko cho Kita gun, Ehime
TEL: +81-893-44-2201
FAX: +81-893-43-1036
Foundation (year) 1716
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Yukisuzume Brewery

This sake was founded in 1915. It was made by the first Kajiro Ino (third row from the top right), and the sake name was named “Sparrow Masamune” after the Japanese folk tale “Sparrow Sake Brewing”. After that, in the Showa era, the then prime minister, Tsuyoshi Inukai (center), who had a close friendship with the first generation, recommended that “snow has long been a good harvest, and the purity of sake”. “Jaku” was born. Yamada Nishiki, the highest peak of carefully selected rice suitable for sake brewing, and Matsuyama Mitsui, a local rice, are used according to the quality of sake.”Yukijaku”, which is based on the belief of “quality first delicious sake”, is handmade by inheriting the technology of Mr. Kojiro Takubo, a former master craftsman who has been working for more than 40 years in our manufacturing department. The reputation of its quality and goodness is evidenced by its many gold awards at the National New Sake Appraisal.

Breweries Info

Representative: Takeshi Saeki
TEL: +81-89-992-0025
FAX: +81-89-993-0052
Foundation (year) 1915
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