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Shiga Prefecture with Lake Biwa is a basin surrounded by the Ibuki Mountains in the east, the Suzuka Mountains, the Hira in the West, and the Hibi Mountains. Well known Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, taking up 1/6 of the area of Shiga! It is with a lakeshore 235 kilometers long. Lake Biwa’s history stretches back four million years, and plays an important role as the source of water for 14 million people not only in Shiga, but also in other prefectures in the Kansai area, such as Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto. This is also an indispensable place for animals and plants in addition to people, with over 1,000 different types of plants and animals making their home near the lake. It has long been known as a granary and much of Shiga’s sake is sourced from groundwater from these mountains. In addition, Shiga’s rice cultivation is very prospered. In particular, many sake breweries use “Nipponbare” and “Tamaei” as sake rice, and they produce distinctive and savory flavors for each brewer. With rich souse of water and sake rice … Shiga is just another best place for sake brewing.

Fujii Brewery

The Fujii Honke has been brewing sake for generations since the Edo period, and it is also a sake brewery that is honored to present the sacred sake (white sake) of the Niiname-no-Matsuri festival to the palace. The total zelkova brewery was designed by our 6th generation brewery (Shizuko Fujii), and is interesting to visitors due to its scale and unique construction method. In addition, our main building and Shoin have been designated as nationally registered tangible cultural properties. It is said that beautiful sake grows in places with excellent culture. A sake brewery that preserves the handmade tradition, nurtured by the blessings of Omi’s history, culture and nature. Please enjoy the deep taste with elegance and dignity.

Breweries Info

Representative: Tetsuya Fujii
Address: Nagano 793, Aisyo-cho, Shiga
TEL: +81-749-42-2080
FAX: +81-749-42-3047
Foundation (year) 1831
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Fukui Brewery

Since its establishment in the middle of the Edo period, during the Kan’en era (1748-51), it has been brewing sake in Katsuno, Takashima-cho, Omi for over 260 years. Katsuno, Takashima-cho is the land of Mt. Shimizumei, which has Lake Biwa and Mt. Hira in the front and back.Using Omi’s high-quality rice and underground water from the Hira Mountains (sweet and soft water), the mellowness that you can understand the better you drink, based on the belief that “not for getting drunk, but for tasting” We aim to create a sake that is delicious and has a refreshing aftertaste.Everyone is surprised that Haginoro’s sake is very diverse. Efforts for a wide variety of raw rice and challenges for new brewing methods. And the accumulation of quality improvement from brewing to storage. Furthermore, there is no end to the challenge of “more delicious”, such as sake brewing using high-quality domestic fruits.

Breweries Info

Representative: Takeshi Fukui
Address: 1387-1,Katsuno, Takashima city, Shiga
TEL: +81-740-36-1011
FAX: +81-740-36-1633
Foundation (year) 1748
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Tomita Brewery

At the northern tip of the Snowy Lake Biwa, at the foot of shizugatake mountains, along the hokkoku road. A sake brewery founded in the tenbun era has been keeping its tradition alive for over four hundred and sixty years. Using purified spring water from mount Ibuki and carefully selected sake rice harvested by local organic farmers. It still follows traditional brewing methods, passed down over fifteen generations to the current brewery owner. operating in bitter-cold winter, it produces high-quality sake in small quantities.

Breweries Info

Representative: Kiyoko Tomita
Address: 1107 Kinomoto, Kinomoto-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga
TEL: +81-749-82-2013
FAX: +81-749-82-5507
Foundation (year) 1534
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