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Aomori literally means blue forest, although it could possibly be translated as “green forest”. The name is generally considered to refer to a small forest on a hill which existed near the town. This forest was often used by fishermen as a landmark. The prefecture of Aomori is widely reputed for its local brews. The land of Aomori prefecture, blessed by the magnificent natural climate, enjoys pure natural water that flows from the nearby mountains, like the Shirakami Mountains World Natural Heritage. In addition, Aomori is a major producer of rice and local brewing products, such as sake made from sake-brewing rice and malted rice. The prefecture boasts top-quality brews cultivated in the fertile soils of Aomori that use local produce.

Hachitsuru Hachinohe Syurui Sake Brewery

Hachitsuru is the most famous brand of the Hachinohe Shurui co. It was established in 1786 during the late Edo era. The brand takes its name from the Nanbu family crest which features two cranes facing each other, a motif called mukaitsuru in Japanese. The company combined this crane theme, tsuru, with the “Hachi” from Hachinohe to make Hachitsuru.

Tours of the factory are available for booking, and during the brewing period of December to March you can even see the sake as it bubbles and ferments. Experience Hachinohe’s traditional sake brewing methods that have been handed down through generations. The company brews under the direction of a master brewer of the Nanbu style, a tradition that has been supported through centuries by both Hachinohe’s surrounding nature and residents.

Breweries Info

Representative: Hachiuemon Hashimoto
Address: 1 youkamachi, Hachinohe-City, Aomori
TEL: +81-178-43-0011
FAX: +81-178-43-0313
Foundation (year) 1786

Momokawa Sake Brewery

The Momokawa Sake brewery was established in 1889 and is famous for its excellent quality sake. The brewery is named after the Momo river that runs next to it. The company over its history has continued its mission to make the best sake possible and has adopted the motto of ‘making people happy by making delicious sake’.
The brewery uses water from 250m below ground, from the Oirase river that flows out Lake Towada, to brew its sake. The sake made by the Momokawa brewery is known for its smooth and mellow taste. The rice used in the sake of brewing is a mix of Aomori-grown masshigura rice and yamadanishiki rice, which is said to be the best rice for brewing sake, and others.

Breweries Info

Representative: Hwanseo Chung
Address: 112 Kamiakedo, Oirase-cho,Kamikita-gun, Aomori
TEL: +81-178-52-2241
FAX: +81-178-52-3145
Foundation (year) 1889

Rokka Sake Brewery

Rokka sake brewery is a company in which three prestigious breweries in Hirosaki, “Shirafuji,” “Shiraume,” and “Ichiyo,” merged in 1972. In Hirosaki at that time, the advancement of major sake brewers became fierce, and in order to counter this, three leading local companies gathered to protect Tsugaru’s local sake.

The five years leading up to the merger were controversial, but in order to preserve the tradition of Tsugaru sake, they finally united and Rokuhana Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. was established. For the sake brewing license, the qualification of Takashimaya of Shirafuji, who has a history of 253 years in his 8s, was prioritized.
The company name “Rokuhana Sake Brewery” was named by the mayor of Hirosaki at that time, meaning “snowflake” and symbolizing the climate of Tsugaru and sake brewing.

Breweries Info

Representative: Hiroshi KITAMURA
Address: 217 Toyoda Mukaitonose, Hirosaki, Aomori
TEL: +81-172-35-4141
FAX: +81-172-35-4147
Foundation (year) 1972



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