Aichi Sake Breweries

Aichi Prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Honshu. It borders Mie Prefecture to the west, Gifu Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture to the north, and Shizuoka Prefecture to the east. Nagoya is the capital and largest city of Aichi Prefecture. Aichi’s sake, which inherits historical heritage such as tradition and technology, has the blessings of underground water in clear streams such as the Kiso Three Rivers and Yahagi River, high-quality raw rice, and a climate suitable for sake brewing, as well as continuous improvement of brewing technology. The land of Aichi is close to Yamato and Kyoto, and since ancient times, exchanges have been active, so new brewing techniques were quickly transmitted.

Aioi Unibio Brewery

“Unibio” in our company name “Aioi Unibio” is named after Union (together) + Bios (living), but it is taken from the meaning of “Aioi”. “Unibio” is a word that directly conveys the meaning of Aioi that a couple lives together in good health and longevity, and also contributes to the customer’s “living together”, “food and life”, which is the business philosophy. In addition, “Unibio” is familiar with the meaning of Universal + Biotechnology, and we believe that it will be a guideline for development toward a new era from the 21st century. Through tradition and discerning technology, we will utilize the power of rice and other cereals, which are the benefits of nature, by the action of microorganisms and supply people with products that contribute to a rich diet and physical and mental health.

Brewery Info

Representative: Koichiro Muramatsu
Address: Yayoityou 4-3, Hekinan, Aichi
TEL: +81-566-41-2000
FAX: +81-566-48-2772
Foundation (year) 1872
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Kiyosu Zakura Brewery

Since its founding in Kaei 6 (1853), it has continued its long tradition and quality-oriented stance, and has gained the support of consumers under the brand of “Kiyosu Castle Nobunaga Oni Koroshi”. In response to changing consumer needs, we have cultivated discerning brands such as “Shochu Enamo,” “Paradise Wine,” and “Paradise Umeshu.” Going forward, we will continue to manufacture better sake as a daily sake that we love to drink in our daily lives without breaking our commitment to sake brewing.

Brewery Info

Representative: Ichiro Shibayama
Address: 1692 Kiyosu, Kiyosu City, Aichi
TEL: +81-52-409-2121
FAX: +81-52-409-6678
Foundation (year) 1853
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Nakano Sake Brewery

Nakano Sake Brewery consistently follows the idea of “creating a rich food culture through Japanese sake”. The brewmasters strive to create high-quality Japanese sake that not only adhere to tradition but introducing new methods to create a new distinct type of sake. In the past, human intuition and experience were heavily relied on for determining temperature and moisture for adjusting and controlling. Nakano Sake Brewery has developed technology to help facilitate and substitute for some of these processes. This allows brewmasters to focus on processes that require traditional craftsmanship and their use of five senses to create the finest products. By using technology and cutting-edge machinery as tools to help create databases for analyzing data and case studies, along with the combination of traditional craftsmanship, they are able to create consistently high-quality products.

Brewery Info

Representative: Masami Nakano
Address: 2-24 Higashi-honmachi, Handa-shi, Aichi
TEL: +81-569-23-1231
FAX: +81-569-23-1124
Foundation (year) 1844
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Sekiya Brewery

The goal of our company is brew high quality sake that explores the possibility of sake flexibly. Our brewery is actively implementing machines and does not have the atmosphere of a traditional brewery. We decided to mechanize so we can proactively rationalize the process that takes labor and closely monitoring the details that takes lot of work in order to pass down the traditional sake brewing skills to the future. We are putting continuous effort in controlling the machines as tools for the brewers and collecting elaborate amounts of data to utilize in next brewing. For our product, we are searching for the best method of delivery and sales so we can manage the product quality until it reaches the hands of customers. We aim to reach the goal of “Wajoryoshu”-beautiful sake created by the harmony of people, and put effort into cultivate the future of Japanese sake.

Brewery Info

Representative: Takeshi Sekiya
Address: 22 Machiura Taguchi Shitara-town, Kitashitara-county, Aichi
TEL: +81-536-62-0505
FAX: +81-536-62-1556
Foundation (year) 1864
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Aoki Shuzou Brewery

Aoki Shuzou Brewery was founded in 1805 (2nd year of culture, late Edo period). In 1959, the Isewan Typhoon struck western Aichi Prefecture which caused the brewery soaked in seawater and it was heavily damaged. The 13th president at that time immediately focused on reconstruction. The journey of brewery’s new sake brewing “Tasteful and delicious sake brewing” began since that time. It has been working on mountain abandonment preparation that requires traditional technology.

Brewery Info

Representative: Haruhiko Aoki
Address: 60 Honnisi, Honbuta-chou Aisai-si, Aichi
TEL: +81-567-31-0778
FAX: +81-567-31-0943
Foundation (year) 1805
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Banjou Jouzou Brewery

Our company exists only because of the strong foundation our predecessors built for us. We must make the most of the present in order to pay respect to their hard work and achievements. The goal is to elicit a genuine reaction in the people of the time. Each new generation inherited the spirit of those before them; a drive to never remain content with the status quo, instead seeking out new ways in which to help the tradition evolve. We believe the only way to achieve this is through new innovations; looking closely at what defines us as a people in our current era, listening to the feedback of our customers and learning what brings you joy, and through all this, always making a sincere effort to continue improving the contents of the products we create.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kuheiji Kuno
Address: Oodaka-chou aza Nishikadota 41, Nagoya-si Midori-ku, Aichi
TEL: +81-52-621-2185
FAX: +81-52-621-2186
Foundation (year) 1647
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Fukui Syuzo Brewery

Shikai (four oceans) means the whole world. Thus, the King of Shikai means the best sake-maker all over the world, and also means Japan’s absolute sake among the Pacific Ocean, the Japan Sea, East China Sea and Okhotsk Sea. Fukui Syuzo started making Japanese sake in Toyohashi-shi in Aichi Prefecture 105 years ago. Thanks to customers’ support, we have been making sake as fourth-generation for about a half-century. Japanese sake also has experienced various changes in its history. However, high quality products are always wanted even if automation has advanced and the system has changed. We will keep on making effort for years to come in order to produce high quality without any compromises, responding to environmental changes.

Brewery Info

Representative: Tomohisa Akai
Address: 214 Nakahama-chou, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi
TEL: +81-532-45-5227
FAX: +81-532-45-5229
Foundation (year) 1912
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Kaminoi Shuzo Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Masahiko Kuno
Address: Midori Odaka Takami 25, Nagoya, Aichi
TEL: +81-52-621-2008
FAX: +81-52-621-0210
Foundation (year) 1856
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Tousyun Syuzou Brewery

While mechanization is progressing in every brewery, the brewery is particular about continuing the old-fashioned method of “mountain abandonment preparation”. It uses “Yamada Nishiki” from Hyogo and “Gohyakumangoku” from Toyama, which are said to be suitable rice for sake brewing.

Brewery Info

Representative: Yukihiko Sato
Address: 1605-Sekohigashi-Moriyamaku, Nagoya, Aichi
TEL: +81-52-793-3743
FAX: +81-52-792-7087
Foundation (year) 1865
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Toyojimanshuzou Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Masuzo Kajikawa
Address: 48-3 haguro maekawahara, inuyama, Aichi
TEL: +81-568-67-0001
FAX: +81-568-67-0077
Foundation (year) 1902
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Kokonoe Mirin Company

Kokonoe Mirin’s founder, Hachiroemon Ishikawa (the 22nd generation of the Ishikawa family), started producing mirin in the first year of Anei (1772). Since then, Kuju has used large grains of “glutinous rice” that are ideal for making mirin, “rice koji” that has been handed down by the brewers, and “genuine shochu” that has been carefully distilled from a brewing method similar to sake brewing. We have inherited the quality-oriented brewing method. For more than 240 years, “Kuju Sakura” has carved out the history of refining traditional techniques and aiming to improve the techniques. Many long-established stores have been used habitually for generations, and many awards have been awarded, including the only honorary award at the National Liquor Fair held from the Taisho era to the Showa era.

Brewery Info

Representative: Fusahiko Ishikawa
Address: 2-11 Hamadera-Machi, Hekinan-shi, Aichi
TEL: +81-566-41-0708
FAX: +81-566-48-0993
Foundation (year) 1772
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Morita Kinshachi Sake Brewery

In 1848 (the first year of Kaei), the historic brewery “Tenno Sake Brewery” was founded in Kamezaki, Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, which is famous for the “Shiohi Festival”. “Morita Kinshachi Sake Brewery” was established by inheriting that business. We offer two brand products, “Kindai”, which was named with the hope of becoming a representative sake brewery in Aichi Prefecture, and “Hatsuyume Sakura,” which has been loved mainly by the locals since the time of Tenno Sake Brewery.

Brewery Info

Representative: Hiroshi Morita
Address: 9-112 kamezaki-cho, Handa-shi, Aichi
TEL: +81-569-28-0250
FAX: +81-569-29-2636
Foundation (year) 2010
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Yamamori Shuzo Brewery

The brewery was founded in Otaka in the 20th year of the Meiji era (1887 AD) by taking over the sake brewery built in the Edo period. We carefully make sake in the old townscape of Odaka and the sake brewery that retains the old-fashioned appearance.

Brewery Info

Representative: Yukio Yamamori
Address: 74 Takami Oodaka, Midori-ku Nagoya, Aichi
TEL: +81-52-621-2003
FAX: +81-52-621-2054
Foundation (year) 1887
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Yamazaki Limited Partnership

Sake is a product of the climate, just like all other creations. Hazu district of Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, an area designated as Mikawa-wan Quasi-National Park, overlooks small islands such as Maeshima and Okishima floating on the horizon and is called Seto Inland Sea in Tokai area for its varied topography and great natural beauty. We are a dedicated sake brewery that has devoted all its time and effort to sake production at this place ever since its foundation. Our wide range of products including our main brands, Sonnoh and Sonnou, were born out of an amazing collaboration between the pure water and clear air nurtured by Hazu’s rich nature and our original sake brewery know-how, and have been highly regarded among sake retailers and consumers. Sake is a gift from the climate. We will continue to have dialogue with the nature and with our fans, to further deepen the rich flavor of sake.

Brewery Info

Representative: Atsuo Yamazaki
Address: 57 Kakita Nishihazu, Nishio, Aichi
TEL: +81-563-62-2005
FAX: +81-563-62-4374
Foundation (year) 1903
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