Nara Sake Breweries

Nara is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region of Honshu. It borders Kyoto Prefecture to the north, Osaka Prefecture to the northwest, Wakayama Prefecture to the southwest and Mie Prefecture to the east. Nara is surrounded with a tranquil environment that includes world heritage sites such as Kasuga Shrine, Horyu-ji Temple, and the Great Buddha Hall in Todai-ji Temple, the largest wooden building in the world. It is also said to be the birthplace of Japanese sake. Sake is the traditional wine of the Japanese people. The Japanese have had a close relationship with rice and water since ancient times, and there existed a prototype of sake made using these ingredients. However, the techniques that formed the basis of sake as we know it today were established in Nara towards the end of the Muromachi period (around 1500 AD).

Gojo Sake Brewery

Gojoshuzo was established in 1924 in Gojo City, a community located at the foot of Mt. Kongo. At this lovely site, riverbed water cascading down from the mountain and spring water from our own on-site well are combined with the craftsmanship true to the traditional methods perfected by the Tajima school of sake production. The result is the low-volume brewing of select and richly mellowed sake on the strength of scrupulously polished skills and techniques. Since the company’s foundation, its sake has been marketed under the “Goshin” brand. This name was coined from the go in the name of Gojo City and the character shin meaning “god” (reflecting the ancient legacy of making offerings of sake to the gods at weddings, funerals and other ceremonial occasions).

Brewery Info

Representative: Hideakira Nakamoto
Address: Imai 1-1-31, Gojo city, Nara
TEL: +81-747-22-2079
FAX: +81-747-25-3646
Foundation (year) 1924
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Imanishi Seibei Shoten Brewery

The brewery was established in 1884. The name Harushika comes from one of the Chinese characters in the shrine’s name, Kasuga, and the word for deer, which were considered gods. Today, Harushika sake has an excellent reputation and it is exported to 10 countries around the world. We devote ourselves to brewing high-quality sake, especially the Dry-tasting variety, following HARUSHIKA’s production philosophy of “Polish The Rice, Polish The Water, Polish The Technique and Polish The Mind”.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kiyotaka Imanishi
Address: 24-1, Fukuchiin-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
TEL: +81-742-23-2255
FAX: +81-742-27-3585
Foundation (year) 1884
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Imanishi Shuzo Brewery

Sake brewing is said to have originated in Miwa. An indispensable place to talk about sake brewing is Oomiwa Shrine here in Miwa. Oomiwa Shrine is the oldest shrine in Japan and does not have a main shrine and enshrines Mt. Miwa as a deity. From ancient times, it is here in Miwa that sake was brewed to save the country by a message from God. This is the only sake brewery that still exists in “Nara Miwa”, we are brewing sake under the brand name.

Brewery Info

Representative: Masayuki Imanishi
Address: 510 Miwa, Sakurai, Nara
TEL: +81-744-42-6022
FAX: +81-744-42-3612
Foundation (year) 1660
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Kubo Honke Sake Brewery

Ouda, where Kubo Honke Sake Brewery is located, is also known as a scenic place loved by the poets of “Manyoshu”. The first Kanbei Kubo came out of Okuyama in Yoshino and started brewing sake at the current location during the Edo Genroku period. Since then, the Kubo family has been brewing sake for over 300 years. We aim to develop a personality and grow as we refine our sake brewing skills and pursue our path as a brewer. We hope that this will lead to the creation of a local town and that people who drink alcohol will feel affluence both physically and mentally.

Brewery Info

Representative: Junpei Kubo
Address: 1834 Oudaideshin, Uda City, Nara
TEL: +81-745-83-0036
FAX: +81-745-83-3353
Foundation (year) 1702
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Nakatani Sake Brewery

Nakatani Sake Brewery is a brewery in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture. We sell Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Ginjo, and Honjozo-shu such as Manjo and Asaka. Our company is particular about the correct sake brewing. After the era of rice shortage, we are entering an era of food diversification and internationalization. As the number of dishes that use a lot of spices and oils has increased, the amount of alcoholic beverages that match them has increased. On the other hand, sake, which has developed along with light Japanese cuisine, is suffering from a decrease in consumption, because of this era, we will follow the traditional method of steaming rice and value pure “junmai” sake.

Brewery Info

Representative: Masato Nakatani
Address: 561 Banjyo, Yamato-Koriyama City, Nara
TEL: +81-743-56-2296
FAX: +81-743-56-2464
Foundation (year) 1853
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Nishiuchi Syuzou Brewery

Our motto is to make sake that is appreciated and loved by our customers. Tanzan Shrine, located at the southern end of Sakurai City, has Fujiwara no Kamatari, who is famous for the Taika Reform, as a deity. At the foot of this Tanzan Shrine, we started the sake manufacturing industry under the sake name “Tanzan Masamune” from the early Meiji era. In addition to regular sake, we ship special sake such as Daimyo Shoya sake (Nigori sake), Kijo sake (using sake for the water used) Ginjo, and Junmai, which are brewed with Yamato’s best rice every year.

Brewery Info

Representative: Yasuo Nishiuchi
Address: 3 Shimo, Sakuraishi, Nara
TEL: +81-744-42-2284
FAX: +81-744-45-1015
Foundation (year) 1878
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Umenoyado Brewery

Umenoyado was born in 1893 at the bottom of Katsuragi mountain. We have been protecting our small quantity yet high quality local products over 120 years. The average 55% of our Sake is handmade and from high-polished rice. Even though factory automation is spreading, with our time and effort, we have been able to produce Sake that gives you such comfortable aftertaste. We strongly believe it is essential to introduce new ways to enjoy Sake to various audiences. We would like to make people around the world fall in love with Sake. Umenoyado is stepping forward to be the brewery that creates new Sake culture.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kayo Yoshida
Address: Higashimuro 27, Katsuragi City, Nara
TEL: +81-745-69-2121
FAX: +81-745-69-2122
Foundation (year) 1893
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Yagi Sake Brewery

The brewery has inherited the sake brewing industry “Yokodaya”, which was founded before the Edo period. It is in the famous water area “Shimizu-cho” located at the foot of Kasugayama Primeval Forest, southeast of Nara Park, and has been the representative of Nara for a long time. With this tradition, we value the natural environment blessed with sake brewing and make sake with trust and quality.

Brewery Info

Representative: Takeki Yagi
Address: 915, Takabatake-cho,Nara city, Nara
TEL: +81-742-26-2300
FAX: +81-742-27-1841
Foundation (year) 1877
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Yoshimura Shuzo Brewery

Brewery Info

Representative: Takahiro Yoshimura
Address: 1797 Manroku oouda, Udasi, Nara
TEL: +81-745-83-2231
FAX: +81-745-83-0740
Foundation (year) 1868
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Yucho Sake Brewery

We will continue to challenge the next sake, which can only be made in this era, by modifying the tradition of Nara sake, which was established 500 years ago, by using modern technology. Our mission is to protect the culture of Nara that has continued since ancient times through sake brewing and to pass it on to future generations while further advancing it.

Brewery Info

Representative: Chobei Yamamoto
Address: 1160, Gose-shi, Nara
TEL: +81-745-62-2047
FAX: +81-745-62-3400
Foundation (year) 1719
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