Wakayama Sake Breweries

Wakayama Prefecture is located in the Kansai region of Honshu. It borders Osaka Prefecture to the north, and Mie Prefecture and Nara Prefecture to the northeast. The prefecture is blessed with a scenic and rich natural environment along with Kumanosanzan and Koyasan, which are registered as World Heritage Sites. In brewing industries, each brewery competes for traditional techniques, using carefully selected rice suitable for sake brewing. In addition, it is becoming recognized as a world-class sake, such as receiving the highest evaluation in international competitions.

Nakano BC Brewery

Started with a soy-source brewing business, we have produced so many products such as Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits), Japanese sake, Mirin (Japanese traditional fermented seasoning) and Umeshu (Ume liqueur). One of our products, Umeshu (Ume liqueur), processed with Ume (or Japanese apricot), the local specialty of our Wakayama, was prized a gold medal in a food quality competition of “Monde Selection”, it is very popular all over Japan. We make it our motto to satisfy our clients with our appealing products of high quality.

Brewery Info

Representative: Kouji Nakano
Address: 758-45 Fujishiro, Kainan, Wakayama
TEL: +81-73-482-1234
FAX: +81-73-482-2244
Foundation (year) 1961
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