Sake Samurai Elliot Faber is committed to make sake culture more accessible and spreading it globally.

Sake culture can be intimidating and there are many other misconceptions around consuming the Japanese drink. Here Elliot clears up three misconceptions around drinking the fermented rice beverage.

Here are Elliot Faber’s three misconceptions about sake drinking:

#1 Buying Expensive Sake Means Buying Better Sake

“Price and quality do not have a very strong relationship,” Elliot says. “People think that buying expensive means buying better…but the truth is buying expensive gives you a certain style and a certain profile but it might not be the right style and profile for you.”

“Never skip to the bottom of the sake list expecting to find the best sake there—always be open to trying different styles and taking suggestions so you can find your favorite type of sake,” Faber says. “There’s not a direct price to quality ratio.”

#2 Sake Gets You Drunk Faster Than Other Drinks 

“This simply isn’t true,” he says about the misconception that sake gets you drunk faster than beer or wine. Most sake is between 14-16% ABV—alcohol by volume— which is about the same as an average bottle of wine.

“You just need to make sure you drink sake as you would wine—eat food with your sake, and make sure you drink water just like drinking any other alcohol,” he advises.

#3 Sake Should Only Be Drunk In Japanese Restaurants And Bars 

“The third misconception about drinking sake is that sake is only made to be consumed in Japanese bars or restaurants, or in traditional izakaya and sushi establishments,” Elliot says.

“You can pair sake with anything from sushi and ramen to nachos and a cheeseburger,” Elliot laughs.

source: Sake Central Saigon’s Elliot Faber Presents Three Misconceptions About Sake – vietcetera  


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