Don Tahara, the owner of Sake Dojo takes you through LA’s biggest sake bar and restaurant. With over a hundred sake and a palatable menu, Sake Dojo is the best bar in Los Angeles to drink and pair japanese sake.

Originallydojo means a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation. Sake Dojo is the place in LA to learn about sake and enjoy an amazing dining and drinking experience as if you were stepping into a cool modern Tokyo establishment.  

Sake Dojo

The food is authentic Japanese-style with a modern culinary twist.  The beverages consist of a large selection of craft Japanese sakes, whiskeys and beers. 

When you enter Sake Dojo, be prepared to immerse yourself in a dining and drinking sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo.

Don Tahara, owner of Sake Dojo LA

source: The Largest Collection Of Sake In America, Or At Least The West Coast


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