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Why Japan’s Best Sake is Made in Fukushima?

In 2018, Japanese sake from Fukushima Prefecture won the most gold prizes at the Japan Sake Awards for a record-breaking 6th year in a row.

But why is that so?
For seeking the answer, this video takes you around Fukushima in the harvest season of rice.

Umenoyado Brewery: Home of TYKU Sake

TYKU Sake, an American sake brand, is handcrafted at the Umenoyado sake brewery. Umenoyoda sake brewery is a fifth-generation, female-run sake brewing facility, right in the…

Nada Sake Brewery
By In this sake video, it brings you to Nada Sakagura area to discover sake brewery, Kobe Shushinkan, a renowned sake brewery that has been brewing for…

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