Shigeo Oguri was awarded with the prestigious title of Samurai in 2015. He is serving as an ambassador of introducing Japanese sake and culture to worldwide and recognized as an active supporter of the “Kokushu no Kai” events held as part of the Cool Japan Movement which aims to promote Japanese culture throughout the world.

Born and raised in Nagoya, in Aichi prefecture. He studied at the university in Kyoto, he is now a professional opera singer with the stage name “Sekai”. He wrote a bestseller book about his personal philosophy “Ogurhythm” in 2013 where he introduces some aspects of Japanese traditions.

He serves as one of the leading sponsors for the Youth Graffiti Concert, which is held every year in front of 7,000-strong audiences at Gaishi Hall and led by well-known folk singers such as Kosetsu Minami, Jiro Sugita and Ryoko Moriyama. In addition, Sekai provides large-budget sponsorships every year to the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, has donated to support the Aichi University of the Arts’ 50th anniversary activities, and makes a wide range of other contributions toward the world of music.

The Sake Samurai Association

The Sake Samurai Association was established in 2004 as a junior council for the Japan Sake Brewers Association to protect sake and Japanese traditions at home and to promote them internationally. It has contributed to the increased popularity of sake and Japanese food overseas in recent years.


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