Ozawa Shuzo, founded in 1702, is located in Okutama, which abounds with natural beauty despite being located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Sawanoi, the brand name was originally named after the location of Sawai area, which is known for its clear water.

Ozawa Shuzo has a history dating back more than 300 years and has been loved by the locals as the brewery of Tokyo’s Okutama sake, and also it is the oldest sake brewery in the region of Tokyo.

Ozawa brewery is located in the western part of Tokyo

Ozawa brewery is located in Ome City, in the western part of Tokyo (3 minute walk from Sawai station on the JR Ome line). There are spectacular views of mountains and the Mitake valley in Okutama as well as sake breweries, restaurants, shops, art museums, allowing visitors to enjoy a full day here.


Sawanoien is a natural Japanese garden on the banks of the river.There is a tasting sake, a souvenir shop and a place where you can eat and drink.

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