Sam Harrop was awarded with the prestigious title of Sake Samurai in 2006. He is also one of the Co-Chairman of Sake IWC competition. He is a certified Sake professional and is the beverage consultant at the World class entertainment complex SKYCITY in Auckland.

Sam Harrop is born in New Zealand. He began his career as a winemaker in Villa Maria’s wineries in Auckland, Australia. In 1997, he relocated to London as a winemaker. He stayed in the UK for many years and gained in depth knowledge of the business of beverages.

He moved back a few years ago to New Zealand with his family. He is currently making his own wine label called Cedalion, working in his aunt and uncle vineyards. He is also the Co-owners of Peninsula wines, a dynamic Wine marketing business based in Madrid. Sam continues to educate people about the Sake culture and be a great contributor to Sake worldwide.

The Sake Samurai Association

The Sake Samurai Association was established in 2004 as a junior council for the Japan Sake Brewers Association to protect sake and Japanese traditions at home and to promote them internationally. It has contributed to the increased popularity of sake and Japanese food overseas in recent years.


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