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How to Order Sake – From A Sommelier

Sushi chef David Bouhadana visits Shigure, a Tribeca sake bar and Japanese kitchen, for a sake tasting with master sommelier Monica Samuels. Watch for tasting notes and food pairings for five sake varieties, sure to kick-start your traditional Japanese rice wine education.

How to Drink Sake Like a Pro

What’s the difference between sweet and dry sake, how’s it made, and what should you look out for when you’re buying sake. Few sakes will be test and compare the differences.

Sake | How It’s Made

See sake made the traditional way as workers hand manipulate the rice and fermentation. A traditional press is used to extract the sake.

Ultimate Japanese Sake Guide: Dassai Brewery

John Daub got a chance to tour Dassai Brewery with the company’s CEO, the world’s hottest sake brand to get those answers. Dassai only makes Junmai Daiginjo sake, the highest quality, and if you want to understand sake, start with the best.

The Making of Shimizu-No-Mai Japanese Sake

Did you know that sake is older than the written Japanese language?! This video from Akita Shurui Seizoh showcases the craftsmanship and tradition that is behind the “Drink of the Gods”. Sake (pronounced “sah-kay”) is brewed somewhat like beer, but drinks elegantly like wine – but is truly a unique beverage!

Japanese Sake Vending Machines

Sake Vending Machines! It’s true – all of it. And they’re brilliant.

How to Order and Pair Sake – Stop Doing it Wrong

Drinking Japanese rice wine aka sake is a great way to kick off dinner, but there’s a right and wrong way enjoy this spirit. Let Japanese Brasserie’s Yoshihiro Sakimoto show you the best way to sip and pair sake, none of which involve dropping a glass into a full beer.

How to Heat Sake

Have you ever wondered how you could enjoy warm or hot sake by just using your “Tokkuri” or sake jug ? Sometimes you may not have a microwave safe sake jug which you can use to heat your sake, so this video will show you a traditional way of doing so by simply using boiling water in a pot to heat your sake.

Richie Hawtin presents ENTER.Sake

Shiboritate Tour 2013.

Obsessives Sake 

Beau Timken of True Sake is proud to be called a sake samurai. His fanaticism comes across in his enthusiasm for junmai, daiginjo, and ginjo, and he rails against those who encourage libation without education. Take the hint: learn from Beau.

ENTER.Sake | Introducing Sake to the World

Shiboritate tour 2015

Sake Master Toshi Maeda

The Sake Master Toshi Maeda talks about Sake.

An Intro to Sake from ‘Sake Samurai’ Chef Tetsuya Wakuda

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, recipient of The Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015, is also a Sake Samurai. As an ambassador of the sake industry, Wakuda shares his expert perspective on this classic Japanese spirit.

Visiting 9 Sake Breweries in Japan in One Day

Saijo might be the best place to explore sake in Japan. With 9 breweries within easy walking distance of each other, an afternoon stroll around the town quickly becomes a sake tasting adventure.

Niigata Sake Tour – Sake Brewery Tours

Niigata Sake Tour

Choosing the right Sake

Sake master and Sake Samurai Chris Johnson discusses the different types of sake, and how to choose the right one for a meal, with Saveur Editor-in-Chief James Oseland at the Asia Society, December 1, 2008.

New trends in Sake – American sake revolution – TEDTalk

After more than a decade living and working in Japan, Jake developed a deep appreciation and love for one of the world’s oldest and most complex alcoholic beverages on the planet. Now after two decades within the IT industry, and 10 startups, his entrepreneurship, and knowledge of IoT and the cloud has enabled him to push the flavors and complexities within the artisan craft of premium sake creation.

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