The Japanese Sake Fair 2018 is set to see approximately 1,400 Japanese liquors from sake breweries across Japan gathered at what is the world’s largest sake event, taking place in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on Saturday. This sake event is a great chance to meet and taste the wide sake selection from all over Japan.

Visitors to the Japanese Sake Fair 2018, hosted by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, will have the chance to get to grips with the expertise of brewers from 45 of Japan’s prefectures through sake tasting and comparison, and will even have the chance to sample the 410 award-winning sake from the 106th Annual Japan Sake Awards, presenting the best of the nation’s sake from 2017.

The sake fair, held at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City complex consists of two parts — the Public Tasting of The 106th Annual Japan Sake Awards and the 12th National Sake Fair.

Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018
Location: Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo (Map)

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