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Saitama Prefecture is located central-west of the Kanto region. The eastern border with Chiba Prefecture is defined by the Edo River. The northern and north-western border lines are marked by the Tone River and the Kanagawa River, and the drainage divides of the Arakawa River and Kanagawa River. The southwestern border is defined by the drainage divides of the Arakawa River, Tama River, and Fuefuki River. The presence of high-quality water makes it a perfect location for sake brewing, which makes Saitama the highest prefecture for shipment of sake in Japan.

Ikinokura Sake Brewery

Merchant, Shinpachi Kamaya, put his eyes on Musashino’s excellent sake rice and rich water of the nearby Tone River and opened the business in 1748 at its current location, which used to be a post town on the Nakayama Road. This location offered excellent access to the major roads such as the Nakayama Road and Nikko-kaido Road, which were close to the commercial sphere of Edo. The brewery is now putting effort into brewing traditional sake–mainly special designation sake, taking pride in the ingredients and sparing no effort.

Breweries Info

Representative: Yukiteru Komori
Address: Kisai 1162, Kazo, Saitama
TEL: +81-480-73-1234
FAX: +81-480-73-3021
Foundation (year) 1748

Matsuoka zyozo Brewery

At the time of establishment, the company went by the name Osakaya, and sold a brand of sake called “Matsuzakari.” However, the representative brand was changed to “Mikadomatsu” which has been used to the present day. The name “Mikadomatsu” was chosen because “Mikado” (emperor) is the highest title in Japan, and “matsu” (pine) is known as a symbol of prosperity due to being green all year round. It is said that these two words were picked to “express the desire of maintaining the pinnacle of sake brewing for many generations to come.”

Breweries Info

Representative: Ryoji Matsuoka
Address: 7-2 Simofurutera, Ogawamati Hikigun, Saitama
TEL: +81-493-72-1234
FAX: +81-493-74-1010
Foundation (year) 1851

Taisei Sake Brewery

Saitama used to be a liquor store that was even called “Azumanada”. There were many sake breweries near Edo, taking advantage of the land pattern of the developed highways. They are particular about the raw materials such as brewed water and rice, and we want to keep the traditional handmade manufacturing method and continue to make the original rich and solid sake of sake. The new rice variety “Aya no Kagayaki” developed in Saitama Prefecture is used for the first time in the prefecture. “Aya no Kagayaki” is a safe rice cultivated with organic fertilizers (sake lees, rice husks, etc.).

Breweries Info

Representative: Kougi Kasahra
Address: Simoyosida3786-1, Chichibusi, Saitama
TEL: +81-494-77-2010
FAX: +81-494-77-2012
Foundation (year) 2003

Toashuzo Sake Brewery

Toa Shuzo started brewing sake in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture in 1625, moved its head office to Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture in 1945, and became a company of the Hinode Trading Group in 2004. They believe in producing high-quality sake, “Harukiku Daiginjo” won the National New Sake Appraisal Gold Award in the sake category, and “Fuyuki Maroyaka Shochu” won the Monde Selection Gold Award in the shochu category for 10 consecutive years. , Has won the Crystal Prestige Trophy. These products are handled by companies nationwide..

Breweries Info

Representative: ———-
Address: nishi 4-1-11, hanyuushi, Saitama
TEL: +81-48-561-3311
FAX: +81-48-561-8923
Foundation (year) 1625

Asahara Sake Brewery

Breweries Info

Representative: kenichi asahara
Address: 94 morohonngou, moroyamamachi irumagun, Saitama
TEL:  +81-49-298-6010
FAX: +81-49-298-6012
Foundation (year) 1882

Seiun Syuzo Sake Brewery


Breweries Info

Representative: masayosi nakayama
Address: 178-2, Otsuka, Ogawa, Hiki-gun, Saitama
TEL: +81-493‐72‐0055
FAX: +81-493‐72‐0311
Foundation (year) 1902



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