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Fukuoka Prefecture faces the sea on three sides, bordering Saga, Ōita, and Kumamoto prefectures and facing Yamaguchi Prefecture across the Kanmon Straits. Blessed with high-quality water and an abundant supply of rice is preferred for producing top-quality sake. Fukuoka prefecture is a region with a deeply rooted tradition of brewing sake flourishes the region with a large number of sake breweries.

Ebisu Shuzo Sake Brewery

Located near the border of Fukuoka and Oita Prefecture, Ebisu Distillery is 50 km southeast of Fukuoka City. Amid lush greenery, They are surrounded by a mountain range and the Chikugo River, the biggest river of Kyushu Island. Harazuru and Chikugo-gawa Spa Resorts are in the neighborhood. A wide variety of fruits, such as persimmons, grapes, and pears, grow on the hills, enjoying lots of sunlight. The great grain belt, Chikugo Plain, spreads along the Chikugo River, from where they collect fresh water to make their Shochu. The barley used by them comes mainly from local producers and are harvested in Chikugo Plain.

Breweries Info

Representative: Junichi Hirakawa
Address: 4-12 Kawamoto Mutsumimachi, Akita-shi, Akita
TEL: +81-18-864-7331
FAX: +81-18-863-9379
Foundation (year) 1944

Koshuzo Sake Brewery

It consisted of Koyasu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1890, and became independent as Koshu Brewery Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing and selling full-scale shochu. It is a quiet brewery near Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport, with the JR single track (Sasaguri Line, Fukuhoku Yutaka Line) running behind the factory. The representative brand “Hakata Kojoro” was named after the doll Joruri “Hakata Kojoro Nami Pillow” by Chikamatsu Monzaemon in the Edo period. We continue to make full-scale shochu by making full use of the traditional sake brewing method of Hakata shochu brewing and the refined storage method, and further adding Mr. Mori’s ingenuity.

Breweries Info

Representative: Hwanseo Chung
Address: 112 Kamiakedo, Oirase-cho,Kamikita-gun, Aomori
TEL: +81-178-52-2241
FAX: +81-178-52-3145
Foundation (year) 1889

Kitaya Sake Brewery

It has been about 200 years since the company was founded in Yame, a corner of the Tsukushi Plain, in Yame. The rice grains used in sake brewing are fundamentally distinct from rice intended for cooking. A select number of strains are especially suited for fermentation. Such rice is registered as being “Shuzo Kotekimai”, meaning rice that meets criteria for high-quality sake brewing. At Kitaya, Theye primarily use the Yamada Nishiki strains, grown at JA Itoshima, and the Gin no Sato strains from JA Fukuoka Yame.

Breweries Info

Representative: kinoshita kohtaroh
Address: honnmati374banchi, yameshi, Fukuoka
TEL: +81-943-23-2154
FAX: +81-943-23-2156
Foundation (year) 1818-1830

Nishiyoshida Sake Brewery

Under the blessings of the water of the Chikugo River, which is one of the leading rivers in Japan, they have been manufacturing full-scale shochu since their establishment in 1887. While conveying traditional techniques, they are constantly challenging new techniques with the attitude of seeking better taste. Nishiyoshida continues to stick to raw materials and manufacturing methods so that you can enjoy more delicious and tasty shochu.

Breweries Info

Representative: Yumiko Yoshida
Address: 612 Izumi, Chikugo city, Fukuoka
TEL: +81-942‐53‐2229
FAX: +81-942‐52‐4088
Foundation (year) 1893

Tenpai Sake Brewery

The rich granary and Tsukushi Plain spread from Fukuoka Prefecture to the southern part of Saga Prefecture, where Nijo barley suitable for shochu is grown in a large production area of high-quality barley. At Tenban, we place a special order at the barley factory and finish it into barley, which is the raw material for 35% high-refined barley, in a total of 31 milling processes. The underground water of Kodokoro Mountain is used for the brewing, so that the texture of original sake is clearly expressed. The difference in the quality of authentic shochu is determined by the raw materials, preparation, and distillation. Distillation has the greatest effect on the quality of sake. While many vacuum distillations are performed by lowering the boiling point to make it easier to drink, Tenban sticks to atmospheric distillation that retains the characteristics of the raw materials.

Breweries Info

Representative: Itaru Tada
Address: 978 Moriyama, Asakuragun Chikuzenmachi, Fukuoka
TEL: +81-946-22-1717
FAX: +81-946-22-1718
Foundation (year) 1998

Beniotome Shuzo Sake Brewery

Breweries Info

Representative: Takuji Yoshimura
Address: 214-2 Masuoda, Tanushimaru-machi Kurume-City, Fukuoka
TEL: +81-943-72-3939
FAX: +81-943-73-0187
Foundation (year) 1978

Hiyokutsuru Syuzou Sake Brewery

Breweries Info

Representative: Hirokatsu Ninomiya
Address: 466-1 Uchino, Jyoujima-Machi Kurume-City, Fukuoka
TEL: +81-942-62-2171
FAX: +81-942-62-2173
Foundation (year) 1895



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