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The Akita Prefecture is a snowy region, which is suitable to brew sake. Akita’s sake is brewed by the artisans utilizing the water and rice produced in brewing favorable climate. Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink that is recognized globally. Sake’s rich flavor goes well with Japanese food and also with other cuisines. Sake produced in the Akita has a smooth and pleasant taste.

Akita Shurui Seizoh Sake Brewery


Akita Shurui Seizoh Co., Ltd. was established after the merging of 12 small breweries. “Takashimizu” literally means “High spring water”. In Akita city, there is an area named “Hillock of Takashimizu”, where is famous for the source of water and still has a lot of spring water. It is said that sacred spring “Takashimizu” was suddenly gushed in middle of the 7th century in this area and it is still gently gushed out calmly today.

Our brand name “Takashimizu” comes from this “Hillock of Takashimizu”. Kawashiri-area in Akita-city where our main brewery stands is also known as the area which is blessed with good quality water

Breweries Info

Representative: Junichi Hirakawa
Address: 4-12 Kawamoto Mutsumimachi, Akita-shi, Akita
TEL: +81-18-864-7331
FAX: +81-18-863-9379
Foundation (year) 1944

Akitameijyo Sake Brewery

Akita Meijyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1922 to brew sake with the aim to bring sake brewed with good rice and abundant water in Japanese market. Earlier most breweries runned by small family businesses, later Ankita meijyo Co., Ltd was stablished by 88 investors from Ankita Prefecture.
The brewery is situated in the Yuzawa, from the sothern part of Akita Prefecture located in Yokote Basin. The brewery is surrounded in the east by Ou Mountains and in the west by glorious rice paddies, along with Mt. Chokai spectacular in the distance

Breweries Info

Representative: Hwanseo Chung
Address: 112 Kamiakedo, Oirase-cho,Kamikita-gun, Aomori
TEL: +81-178-52-2241
FAX: +81-178-52-3145
Foundation (year) 1889

Dewatsuru Shuzo Sake Brewery

In 1865, our company “Yamato-shuzouten” was founded in the area of Minaminaraoka(Currently Daisen-city) by Ito Juushiro who was the 12th head of the Ito Family.During this era Japan started to open up the country: It was the dawning of a new era. The Ito Family moved from Kansai area to Tohoku area and as landowners became involved in agriculture while representing the region. It was Juushiro who established a brewery using high quality local rice.

Dewatsuru Brewery is located in a mountainous area in the southern part of Akita Prefecture. The mountains surrounding the brewery are called Dewa Hill, the source of rich and clear spring water. In the same way that Akita’s four seasons and humid climate perfectly suit the cultivation of rice, its heavy snowfalls and winter temperatures are perfectly suited for brewing sake.

Breweries Info

Representative: Hiroshi KITAMURA
Address: 217 Toyoda Mukaitonose, Hirosaki, Aomori
TEL: +81-172-35-4141
FAX: +81-172-35-4147
Foundation (year) 1972

Hinomaru Jozo Sake Brewery

Yokote City is one of the deepest snow regions in Akita Prefecture, which is the third-largest snowfall area in Japan and the eighth largest in the world. In a harsh living environment where it is difficult for germs to grow, we draw high-quality soft water from abundant water veins in a well and devote ourselves to brewing sake every day with the aim of creating clean and gentle sake.

Mansaku no Hana is a brand that challenges the sake brewing of various raw rice and conveys the experiences and impressions we have gained to our customers. In addition to cultivating most of the raw rice under contract locally, we are also actively challenging varieties that are difficult to produce in the prefecture.

Breweries Info

Representative: Jouji Sato
Address: 114-2 Nanokamachi, Masudamachi, Yokote-shi, Akita
TEL: +81-182-45-2005
FAX: ————-
Foundation (year) 1689

Kodama Sake Brewery

The Kodama brewery was founded in 1879 in picturesque Katagami City, Akita Prefecture, northwest of Japan. Blessed with abundant quality rice and fresh clean mountain water, the generations have nurtured and developed renowned expertise in brewing sake. Originally, the Kodama family started their business by making soy sauce and miso for local consumers. Soy sauce and miso have traditionally been basic essential seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Production of these quality “fermented” food products represented by “Yamakyu” brands still remains an important part of the Kodama Brewery’s business

In 1913, Tomokichi Kodama, the second generation of the family business began making sake by the name “TAIHEIZAN”. This brand name comes from towering mountain in Akita City, Mt. Taihei (“Great Peaceful Mountain”) which for centuries has been the area’s spiritual symbol. Taiheizan Miyoshi Shrine, in Akita City overlooking Mt. Taihei, is still the most visited Shrine in Akita Prefecture for New Year worshipping today.

Breweries Info

Representative: Shinichiro Kodama
Address: 34-1 Iizuka Iitagawa, Katagami, Akita
TEL: +81-18-877-2100
FAX: +81-18-877-2104
Foundation (year) 1879

Ryozeki Shuzo Sake Brewery


Yuzawa City in the Akita prefectures is famous for heavy snowfall. It has preferable condition of hot summers and freezing winters to produce premium quality natural spring water. The Ryozeki Shuzo’s brewing process utilize this high-quality underground water. Yuzawa City is one of the main areas for harvesting brewing suitable rice. The availability of high-quality water and rice makes Yuzawa a perfect location for Sake production.

The first brewery in Akita to received the grand prize by The National Institute of Brewing was Ryozeki Shuzo. This was achieved by proper utilization of great source of rice and water to produce high quality delicious sake. The mottos of Ryozeki Shuzo are : (1) “To produce in harmony with the people, one must brew what brings harmony to the people,” and (2) “Quality first.”

Breweries Info

Representative: Yasuro Ito
Address: 4-3-18 Maemori, Yuzawa, Akita
TEL: +81-183-73-3143
FAX: +81-183-72-2515
Foundation (year) 1874

Akitahomare Shuzo Sake Brewery

Breweries Info

Representative: Inomata Haruo
Address: 3Sunagoshita, Yurihonjoshi, Akita
TEL: +81-184-22-5231
FAX: +81-184-22-5232
Foundation (year) 1944

Akitakenhakko Kogyo Sake Brewery

Breweries Info

Representative: Haruo Shimizu
Address: 120-8 fukabori aza nakagawara, Yuzawashi, Akita
TEL: +81-183-73-3106
FAX: +81-183-72-2816
Foundation (year) 1945



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