Explore Japan’s Hidden World! Sake Brewery Tour in Tokyo

Your guide will escort you to a top-ranked Japanese sake brewery, which does not usually accept individual tourists, and which your guide handpicked from more than 1,600 sake breweries in Japan.

The Best Brands and Seasonal Sake

You will be invited to see first hand how sake is produced manually, and to enjoy some of the brewery’s best sake and other varieties that you cannot find on the market. You can learn about the history of sake brewing and make a comparison with wine making.

Communication with Native Japanese

You will meet brewery owners, sake craftsmen and industry experts who will guide you inside the brewery. You may also meet and talk with tour participants from Japan.

Travel to the Historical Brewery

The history of sake goes back more than 2,000 years. The architecture of sake breweries is a big part of Japanese culture, similar to temple or shrine architecture. Let your eyes feast on the traditional Japanese sake brewery buildings.

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