Sadaijin Sake Brewery – Gunma, Japan

Otone Sake Brewery

The Otone sake brewery, surrounded by the Okutone mountains, is a small sake distillery that is located at the base of Oze. The brewery was established in 1902 though sake-making in the area can be traced to the middle of the Edo period, as far back as 1739.

Traditionally taste of sake is affected by the climate of the region. Small-scale production enables us to nurture and maintain the hand-crafted flavor of our sake and we have continued to follow the sake-making process that is rooted in the natural landscape and climate of this region. Please enjoy the smooth taste that cold season brewing enhances and the full-bodied flavor.

We also offset our carbon emissions. The carbon dioxide that is created in the brewing and transportation of our sake is offset by the CO2-absorption capacity of the woods of Sudagai, Minamikami-chō.

“Sadaijin” (Minister of the Left) takes its name from the arrival of Cardinal Fujiwara, known as “Oze’s Sadaijin”, who came to the area at the end of the Heian period.


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