Morikuni Brewery

Morikuni is the only new brewing company on Shodoshima. I went to Shodoshima in search of delicious water and revived the island’s local sake for the first time in 35 years with the support of the local people. We love Shodoshima, and while preserving tradition, we always look to the future and pursue the ideal sake brewing. Beautiful nature, culture, calm people-Proposing a wealthy life with sake from the charming Shodoshima, people from all over the country gather and meet. It is such a new form of sake brewery. The characteristic of MORIKUNI sake is that you can feel the delicious taste of rice with color. We use high-quality sake brewing suitable rice along the Seto Inland Sea coast, such as “Senbon Nishiki” and “Hattan Nishiki No. 1” so that you can feel its solid taste. In addition, we are particular about “local sake of Shodoshima” and plant Kagawa’s sake rice “Ooseto” in Chihada, Nakayama district of Shodoshima, which has been selected as “100 selections of rice terraces in Japan” and “100 selections of satoyama”.

Brewery Info

Representative: Katou Takuji
Address: 1010-1Kou Umaki, Shodosimacho Shouzugun, Kagawa
TEL: +81-879-61-2077
FAX: +81-879-61-2113
Foundation (year) 2005
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Kagawa Sake Breweries

Kagawa Prefecture forms the north-eastern corner of Shikoku. Kagawa is Japan’s smallest prefecture with very few breweries, but it has one of Shikoku’s biggest producers. The food culture of Kagawa features the riches of the sea and of the Sanuki Mountains, which provide quantities of pure water ideal for making sake. Kagawa’s sake perfectly complements the udon and chicken for which the prefecture is known.

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