Mitsutake Shuzoio Sake Brewery – Saga, Japan

Our corporate philosophy is “Tradition and Challenge”. We have continuously applied the traditional method of sake production but, at the same time, we are always adapting to changing tastes and needs. We constantly strive to keep improving the quality of our sake. Our goal is to make people happy.

Japanese Sake Making Process

Established in 1688, we have a very long history of sake brewing. Around 15 years ago, we started to produce shochu, which has grown in popularity. We produce potato, wheat and rice shochu which has received the Monde Selection award many times.

Japanese Sake Water Purifying

The taste and quality of sake depends heavily on the quality of rice and water used. The rice we use comes exclusively from selected farmers in Saga prefecture. The main varieties used are Reiho and Yamadanishiki. We use water directly sourced from the Tara mountains and check it carefully before it is used.

Mitsutake Shuzoio Japanese Sake Brewery in Saga Japan

This is how we follow tradition and challenge. We always strive for the best possible result to ensure that anyone who drinks our sake or shochu derives pleasure from this experience.

Mitsutake Shuzoio Premium Sake

The Sake Brewery Team

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