Kikunotsukasa Shuzo Brewery

Our brewery was founded in 1772, the brewery is located in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. The water used for our sake “Kiku no Tsukasa” and “Seven Lucky Gods” is underground water from the Nakatsugawa River, which flows directly behind the brewery. The Nakatsu River is a clear stream that flows through Morioka City and is a healing river full of nature where sweetfish fishing in the summer, salmon run up for spawning in the fall, and swans fly in the winter. The water quality is very clear because it contains a moderate amount of minerals that have exuded from the bedrock of the Iwate Mountains, and it is used for all work with only the minimum amount of dust removal filtration. This water is the life of our sake. We will continue to refine the sake brewing that is popular locally, but we are mainly focusing on new development in the metropolitan area and export to overseas.

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Brewery Info

Representative: Shigeru Hirai
Address: 4-20 Konyacho, Moriokashi, Iwate
TEL: +81-19-624-1311
FAX: +81-19-624-6592
Foundation (year) 1772
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Iwate Sake Breweries

Iwate Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region of Honshu. It borders Aomori Prefecture to the north, Akita Prefecture to the west and Miyagi Prefecture to the south. The prefecture is home to famous attractions such as Morioka Castle, the Buddhist temples of Hiraizuimi, the Fujiwara no Sato movie lot and theme park in Oshu, and the Tenshochi park in Kitakami known for its huge and ancient cherry trees. Iwate is rich in high-quality rice suitable for sake brewing and is blessed with clean water. Iwate’s delicious sake is born under the watchful eye of the high technology and warm heart cultivated in the traditions of Mr. Mori and the brewers.

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