Jimmy takes Blake Shelton to broaden his horizons by tasting sake and trying some sushi. Watch the video and see how Blake handled the sake and sushi tasting.

The 39-year-old country music star visited Nobu with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon where he tried raw sushi and sake for the first time. As might be expected, the results were hilarious.

Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon

Blake tried an array of Nobu’s finest offerings, from tuna nigiri, whose texture he compared to “Play-Doh” to sea urchin, which got a decidedly less favorable review. While Shelton might have been less than enthusiastic about salmon sashimi and uni shots, he definitely developed a taste for Japanese sake, or “rice wine” as he called it.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton – NBC


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