Dan Doherty is the Chef Director at the world famous 24-hour fine dining Duck and Waffle restaurant in London. He shared his food journey through Japan and the world-class ingredients he experienced along the way.

“Sake is a drink that I’ve heard of for years, but never really understood. As is expected with anything from Japan, it’s brewed using century old traditions that are refined with the technology of today. The result? A smooth, wonderful drink with a complex flavor profile that tastes phenomenal.”

“But what I find really fascinating is how versatile it is; not only does it go great with Japanese cuisine, but it can withstand the richness of a creamy chicken dish from France or the bold flavors of British cooking. The slight sweetness means it could stand up to a spicy curry too, no doubt. That’s what I love about it, there really is no one true time to drink it!”

Source: Seeking Perfection – CNN


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