Sake is widely known as Japan’s national drink. It is believed that Japan has been making sake in one form or another for over two thousand years. In this sake video, discover the basics about the sake beverage:  its meaning, the real name of “Japanese Rice Wine” , the sake composition.

Sake is referred as “rice wine”, but “rice beer” would be more appropriate, since sake is made from fermenting grains as beer, and not from fermenting fruits as wine. Feel free to discover in this video many other subtleties about Japanese sake.

How to warm sake:
When you warm sake, you need to warm it indirectly, through a separate container, like when melting chocolate. Different temperatures bring out different characteristics, so you can warm it to different degrees for a slightly different taste. Just make sure that you don’t warm it too quickly, and don’t allow it to get too hot.

Source: Letters from Japan

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