For the inexperienced sushi bar visitor, sake might seem like a prestige drink best left to “bombing,” but the Japanese rice brew deserves a closer look.. Provided with a little information, any drinker can find the perfect sake for their feast to elevate any dining experience.

Sushi chef David Bouhadana visits Shigure, a Tribeca sake bar and Japanese kitchen, for a sake tasting with master sommelier Monica Samuels. In this sake video, you can experience about sake pairing and how you can enjoy sake with Japanese dishes.

Watch for tasting notes and food pairings for five sake varieties:  Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo,  Junmai Ginjo Nigori and Red Maple Namazume. Sure to kick-start your traditional Japanese rice wine education.

Source: Eater


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