Honda Shoten, has been involved in the making of ginjo-style sake (brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice) in the Banshu area since the beginning of the Edo era. Their leading brand is Tatsuriki. This premium sake brand brewed by Honda Shoten is made from Yamada Nishiki, a short grain Japanese rice, famous for its use in high quality sake. Watch the sake video, and discover its traditional way of sake brewing and the input of local experts about this very unique sake.

Honda Soten believes in “Great sake comes from great rice’, the sake brewery particularly cares about the origin of sake rice. Honda Shoten proudly brews Sake from this rice using traditional sake brewing methods. Tatsuriki Sake has a very rich taste and is recognized as a top-class Daiginjo Sake, receiving a number of sake prizes in Japan and beyond.


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