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Sakuragao Sake Brewery – Iwate, Japan

About 95% of the rice used by Sakuragao Sake Brewery is grown in Iwate Prefecture. Originally, Iwate Prefecture had no suitable rice for Ginjo sake, and had to rely on supplies from other prefectures. Iwate Prefecture has been working on the development of suitable rice for Iwate prefecture original sake at the agricultural research center since 1992.

In 1996, three candidate strains were selected, and from 1997, test brewing was conducted with the objective of a strong sake selection, and we attained an excellent evaluation. This original sake made of suitable rice is named “Ginginga,” and it was described as having a “soft and rich new taste”.

Sakuragao sake brewery is located in the east of Morioka City, at the foot of the Tatara mountain, a place blessed with a natural environment where the Yanagawa River flows. Most of the sake production is carried out manually, and the brewers stay awake every night during the peak season. Everyone works seriously to achieve the goal of delicious sake.

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