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Aizu Homare Brewery – Fukushima, Japan

Homare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a time-honored sake brewery established in 1918. Since 2013, it has won the gold award for five years in a row in The International Wine Challenge, the world’s most respected blind-taste wine competition. Moreover, it received the Champion Sake in 2015 out of 876 bottles.

Homare Sake Brewery is in Kitakata city on the foot of Mt. Iide. The brewery was originally established as the Kanou Shuzo in 1918 and changed its name throughout the years before eventually becoming the Aizu Homare Brewery (homare means honor, glory or praise).

Their beautiful Japanese garden would be the perfect spot to enjoy Homare’s products. The tasting room at the reception would be one to remember. Aizu Homare is one of the best sake breweries in the Tohoku area. After studying how to make sake on the sake brewery tour, you can enjoy over 10 kinds of fresh refined sake, liqueur, and shochu. Please take your time discovering your favorite sake while enjoying our vast Japanese garden. Visit the brewery and try over 10 kinds of fresh Sake in a vast Japanese garden of over 4,000 square meter.

Champion Sake

It received the Champion Sake among 876 bottles at International Wine Challenge (IWC) in 2015 and got the title of the best sake in the world.

The judges said that this Junmai Daiginjo from Fukushima has an youthful Intense aromatic style,. Refreshing mango, jack fruit, tropical, cassis. A soft round integrated sake, well balanced sweetness. A deserving winner of the IWC Champion Sake.

* International Wine Challenge 2015 Champion Sake

Aizu Homare has been creating new, unique sake varietals utilizing Japanese fruits to appeal to a broader audience. Deliciously tart yuzu sake that would be perfect with some bubbles to beat the summer heat, and a cloudy strawberry sake that was almost like a dessert.

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