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Why Japan’s Best Sake is Made in Fukushima?

In 2018, Japanese sake from Fukushima Prefecture won the most gold prizes at the Japan Sake Awards for a record-breaking 6th year in a row.

But why is that so?
For seeking the answer, this video takes you around Fukushima in the harvest season of rice.

Sake Koji Making

Koji is a sweet fragrant mold that’s often used to make beverages such as Sake. In this sake video, it will be showing the traditional sake…

Japanese Sake Making Process

In this sake video, it shows a complete tour of a Japanese Sake brewery, illustrating in details the essential steps for the making of traditional Sake.…

Sake Grilled Sea Scallops Recipe
By In this sake video, Chef Hiroshi Shima and Kitchen Manager Raul Salinas from innovative dining show us how to make one of their signature dishes,…

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