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Mitsutake Sake Brewery

Mitsutake Shuzoio Sake Brewery – Saga, Japan Our corporate philosophy is “Tradition and Challenge”. We have continuously applied the traditional method of sake production but, at…

Iwate Meijo Sake Brewery

Iwate Meijo Sake Brewery – Iwate, Japan Iwate Meijo was created in 1955 from the merger of two sake brewers that had been operating since…

Soumi Sake Brewery

Soumi Brewery Our company’s product “Soumi” is named after the Buddhist name of our founder Takamasa Migita. In 1600 Takamasa started “Soumi market” in order to…

Sadaijin Sake Brewery

Sadaijin Sake Brewery – Gunma, Japan Otone Sake Brewery The Otone sake brewery, surrounded by the Okutone mountains, is a small sake distillery that is located…

Akagisan Sake Brewery

Akagisan Brewery In 1875, Kameyoshi Kondo started brewing sake in Omama-machi, Gunma Prefecture using subterranean water from Mount Akagi. Since then we have brewed only dry…

Sawanoi Sake Brewery

SAWANOI  Sake Ozawa Shuzo, founded in 1702, is located in Okutama, which abounds with natural beauty despite being located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Sawanoi, the…

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