A well-crafted sake is surely indescribable. Brooklyn Kura is a brewery and tap room at Industry City, serving sake on tap! Quite special right? In this video Brandon, the owner of Brooklyn Kura talks about his experience opening New York City’s  first sake brewery.

Brooklyn Kura’s menu changes every now and then with different sakes that are sold by the glass and carafe. They have a few delicious small dishes to pair with your choice of sake, like cheese, charcuterie and a few other delicious options.

How it all started?

“During a chance meeting in Tokyo in 2013, Brian Polen and Brandon  discovered a shared passion for high quality sake. One glass led to two, which led to many more.

They took courses, traveled to Japan, apprenticed at breweries, and began to develop their own recipes. They sought out experts and absorbed all they could. Before long, an idea began to form – a sake brewery in New York…”

Brian & Brandon, the owner of Brooklyn Kura

What to expect?

“At Brooklyn Kura, we are committed to a new tradition of American Craft Sake. Building on more than 1,000 years of Japanese brewing history, we’re demystifying sake and making it more accessible. Our sake is brewed right here in New York City, hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients.”

Source: Brooklyn Kura: Hand-Crafted Sake On Tap – behind the scenes NYC


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