Beau Timken was awarded with the prestigious title of Sake Samurai in 2006. He also has two professional sake-tasting licenses and a sake sommelier. He is a New York Times-acclaimed author and sake expert, author of the book “Sake: A modern Guide” in 2006.

Born in Canton, Ohio, Beau didn’t taste his first premium ginjo until he was 28-years-old. While living and obtaining an M.B.A in the mid 90’s in Cape Town, South Africa, Timken met a group of Japanese fishermen who were drinking their own premium sake that they had brought into the local sushi restaurant. The talk opened up his interest in sake. He self-taught himself about sake, and would visit various retail shops and markets in San Francisco’s Japan Town.

He is the owner of “True Sake”, in San Francisco and consults professionals in the restaurant and bar industry. True Sake is the first dedicated sake store in America.

The Sake Samurai Association

The Sake Samurai Association was established in 2004 as a junior council for the Japan Sake Brewers Association to protect sake and Japanese traditions at home and to promote them internationally. It has contributed to the increased popularity of sake and Japanese food overseas in recent years.


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