Ayakiku Brewery

Ayakiku Sake Brewery was founded in 1790, and since its founding, it is a sake brewery that has been working hard to brew sake with local rice and water as a godsend. The brewery has been designated as a tangible cultural property of Kagawa Prefecture, and it still retains its original appearance. In 2015, the factory introduced the latest filling equipment and refrigeration equipment, and a system was established to fill and manage sake brewed with tradition and skill with the latest equipment. Please drop in at the historic warehouse and the new factory.

Brewery Info

Representative: kenji kisimotoa
Address: Yamadasimo 3393-1, Ayautagun Ayagawacho, Kagawa
TEL: +81-87-878-2222
FAX: +81-87-878-1165
Foundation (year) 1945
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Kagawa Sake Breweries

Kagawa Prefecture forms the north-eastern corner of Shikoku. Kagawa is Japan’s smallest prefecture with very few breweries, but it has one of Shikoku’s biggest producers. The food culture of Kagawa features the riches of the sea and of the Sanuki Mountains, which provide quantities of pure water ideal for making sake. Kagawa’s sake perfectly complements the udon and chicken for which the prefecture is known.

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