Established in 1141 AD, Sudo Honke is presently the oldest kura still actively brewing sake in all of Japan (based on the oldest written records of brewing). In this sake video, Genuemon Sudo, the 55th generation of the sake brewery, delivers the brewing philosophy of Sudo Honke.

Sudo Honke Japanese Sake Brewery

For the Sudo family, making sake isn’t just a livelihood—it’s a long-standing tradition. Sake, Genuemon says, is made from rice. Good rice comes from good soil. Good soil comes from fresh and high-quality water. Such water comes from protecting our trees. Protecting the natural environment makes excellent sake.

After the 2011 earthquake and nuclear meltdown, they feared the water in their ancient wells had been poisoned and they would have to close. Luckily, the water was deemed safe and today they carry on their time-honored sake tradition​.

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